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Playing age:40-50

Eye colour:Brown

Hair colour:Dark Brown



Height: 5”10

Training and tuition

1987-88:Richmond Drama School, 1 year intensive course



Accents: RP *, Australian, Cockney, East European, French, German, Russian, Scandinavian, South African, Southern Irish, Standard American, Standard Welsh, West Country, Yorkshire

Languages: English*, French

Music: Tenor

Sports: Scuba Diving (PADI), Swimming

Car Licence / Narration



Ritual Magic/The Witchfinder (Killer), VO – dir. Jeremy Robinson,OceanPalace Entertainment

The Ultimate Truth/Mr.Milton of the Green Party – dir. Tom Swanston, Wysiwyg Films

9 Days of Hell/Dr.Dalkran Vukodlakevic – dir.Martin Stitt, Sprig Productions

Catalina's Ghost/Charlton Roebuck – dir.Simon Davies, Leading Lady Prods.

Waiting For a Killer/Punter – dir. Alex Shaida, Make Believe Productions

Under Milk Wood/Butcher Beynon – dir.Joe Flinton, Flinton Films






Sitcom Trials/Winston Churchill & singing chicken

Kevin Sutherland


How To Avoid A Tragedy/ Larry, Iago,Lear,Polonius & Duncan

Adrian Peck

Hydrae Productions

Bleak House/Tulkinghorn

Harry Meacher

Traffic of the Stage


Judi Bowker

Traffic of the Stage

The Miser/Master Jacques:Cook/ Coachman

James Reynard

Traffic of the Stage

The Tempest/Antonio

James Reynard

Traffic of the Stage

The Wild Duck/Dr. Relling

Harry Meacher

Traffic Of The Stage

The Cherry Orchard/ Yepikhodov

Harry Meacher

Traffic Of The Stage

Luke Back In Anger (Star Wars spoof)/321PO

Sarah Deacon

Jacknife Productions

The Summer of the Eclipse/ Nikolai

Bryan Hands

Butterfly Prawn Theatre Co.

The Seagull/Medvedenko

Harry Meacher

Pilgrim Theatre Company

The Lottery Ticket/The Ticket

Yvon McDevitt

The Red Room Theatre Co.

The Investigation/ Prosecutor

Robert Shaw

Inside Intelligence

Salome/Herod Antipas

Mark Walker

London Repertory TC



£5 Monkey/SkankyMalanky, £5 Monkey – Animation pilot (dir.John Lumgair, Quirky Motion)

Pope Idol/Argamak (Siberian shaman) – (dir. Ben Hicks, Artspace)

'Dingbats'/Donald Sinden-esque Voice Over – Commercial (dir. Mathilda Gill, Bitch Prods)

Dark Riders/War (Horseman of Apocalypse) – Sitcom Pilot (dir. Mike Kehoe, Dark Riders Prods)

Video Email Pilot/Presenter – Corporate (dir.Richard Bednall, Screen-Based Solutions Ltd)

Fryton-on-sea Uncovered/Meteorologist – Documentary (dir.Alan Colegrave, Alan Colegrave Prods)



Back it Up/Zebulon Whately – dir. Carrie Waites (24 hr film challenge)

Grey Areas/U.S. President (Southern Accent) Aide, Arab Spy – dir. Oliver Purches (S.T.G. Films, Hand puppet animation)

Swine Intervention/Possessed dead pig – dir.Damon Crane (Bournemouth Arts Institute, Live action+puppet)

The Haircutters' Cut/Professor – dir. Cornelius Medvei & Matt Dixon (Tonsoria)

Mouse in the House/'nam vet Mouse, George W, Tony Blair, Soldier&Anchor – dir. Gareth Wilde (Wildfilms, Stop-frame animation)

Birthright/Wise Master – dir. Zhan Hung (Ravensbourne Productions, Martial arts film)

  Look Left/Looking Right/Mr. Furness (trans-sexual) – dir. Wendy Kuan (Kuanfilms)

The Mute and the Princess/Vincent Price-style narrator – dir. Marco di Rienzo (Horror)

Sex on the Edge/Prof. le Porc, Orange Fetishist, Ear Fetishist – dir. Nicola Oliver (U.W.E.)

Empty Space/Monsieur Chapeaumelon – Vermillion Films

Meet Mr. Marks/Mr Appleton – dir. Robert Talbot

Day of Reckoning/Police Sgt. Joyce – dir. Liam Gavin, Raindance

14 Mins & 30 Secs. To Go/Mustapha – dir.Martin Stitt, Sprig Productions



Exit/Mark Henson (Moses) – Radio (dir. Andrew Parella, Methuselah Productions)

Lord of the Helpdesks/Gandalf – Corporate (dir. Jane Rigby, Consignia/N. Media School)

Gullible's Travels/Welsh Q.C.,Aussie Editor, Sir Stanley – Radio (dir. Searle Whittney, Screw Loose Productions)

At the Races/Voiceover – Commercial (dir. Nick Illston, Pacemedia)

Can we get Les Dennis?/Fachtna O'Kelly – RadioSitcom (dir. Kevin F. Sutherland, Commonwealth FM)

Bugged/Karl (fly),Phil (centipede), French Martians – Animated Film (dir. Adam Brown, Brownfilms)

Narrator - Marketing Strategy Video (dir. David Goodenough)

7 Seas for 7 Islands/Cheesy Narrator, Lion Man, the Curbys – Animated Film Trailer (dir.Andrew Robinson, Arob Productions)

500 Years of Shaving Goats/Donnie, Owen – Animation Taster (dir. A. Robinson, Arob Prods

Rennies/Dyspeptic Southern Bullfrog– Commercial (dir.  Dotti Colvin, Loose Moose)

Quality Harrow Hotel/Voice over – Corporate (dir. Sam Feree, Success On Hold)

Calloway Golf/Hard Sell, Soft Sell – Corporate (dir. Janina Heron, Success on Hold)

Hum/Callous Press Photographer – (dir. Tim Woodbridge, Zero DB Prods.)

The Unrest at the Stan Lee Nursing Home/Manning, Mr. Weizkopf (retired superheroes) – Animation (dir. Tom Alexander/Jake Headley, Up at the Big House)

Congestion Charge/Vox pop characters – Animation (dir. Shizuno Suzuki, S.I.A.D.)

War-?/The Colonel, Private Ryan, Charlie – Animation (dir.Lumgair/Taylor/Cox, Quirky Motion)

'Lilo and Stitch' Phone Trailer/Voice over – Trailer (dir. J. Heron, Success on Hold)

'Road to Perdition' Phone Trailer/Voice over – Trailer (dir. J. Heron, Success on Hold)

Defender/Various (3 languages) – Computer Game (Savalas Ltd./ Midway Games)

Andreas Scholl Sings Vivaldi/Voiceover – Radio commercial (dir.David Roper, Classic FM)


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